Savor the Flavor of Our Delicious Dishes and Daily Specials

Eat at our burger restaurant in Eden, NY for delicious food

We've all been there - you had a long day at work and just don't have the energy to cook dinner. If you want to treat yourself to a mouthwatering burger or crispy chicken basket, come to Schunk's West Hill Grill. Our burger restaurant in Eden, NY serves up a wide array of amazing dishes, so everyone in the family is sure to find something they love.

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Delicious Comfort Food Grilled to Perfection

Visit our local restaurant in Eden, NY

What sets Schunk's West Hill Grill apart?

Schunk's West Hill Grill is a go-to for residents across the Eden, NY area — and for good reason. Our bar and grill:

  • Has a beautiful outdoor patio
  • Relies on over 22 years of experience
  • Created an extensive menu of classic American cuisine

Call 716-992-4432 today to learn more about our bar and grill. We’re also always accepting applications for all positions. Visit our Apply Here page today to fill out an application.

Treat yourself without breaking your budget

Eating out can get expensive quickly. Thankfully, there is a way to save big without sacrificing quality. We have daily specials, including $10.95 dinner specials on Thursdays. Reach out to our burger restaurant today to learn more about our specials.